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Luciad presenting at the Third Annual AIXM User Conference Empty
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Luciad presenting at the Third Annual AIXM User Conference

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Luciad presenting at the Third Annual AIXM User Conference Empty Luciad presenting at the Third Annual AIXM User Conference

Post  glenn on Mon Mar 17, 2008 9:59 pm
Leuven, Belgium, March 10th 2008 - Luciad, the leading software provider for high performance visualization of geospatial information, will be presenting its innovative solutions for the upcoming AIXM 5 standard at the third annual Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM) User Conference, March 18-20 at the Holiday Inn in the Georgetown section of Washington DC.

The AIXM User Conference is hosted by the United States Federal Aviation Administration and will gather AIXM developers and aeronautical information experts from all over the world to discuss topics such as AIXM 5 Release and Maintenance, plans for the use of AIXM, AIXM in Aeronautical Information Management and AIXM applications including Digital NOTAM (Notice to Airman).

On Wednesday March 19th, Luciad will be presenting and demonstrating LuciadMap, the flagship software solution for building aeronautical information systems with superior graphical display capabilities, with special focus on LuciadMap’s AIXM 5 capabilities.

The LuciadMap product offers the first available high performance out-of-the-box decoding and visualization of the AIXM 5 standard, the aeronautical information format of choice for future ATC/ATM/AIM systems. AIXM 5 allows leveraging existing technologies while at the same time enabling the digital handling of NOTAMs, and merging static and dynamic data in a single exchange format. LuciadMap includes support for the AIXM 5 temporality model and digital NOTAMs.

Illustrating LuciadMap’s AIXM 5 capabilities, later in the day, Luciad will be presenting Eurocontrol’s Skyview 2 concept demonstrator. Skyview 2 is based on the LuciadMap product, offering support for local and web data. The concept demonstrator offers on-the-fly access to distributed geo-referenced aeronautical information, weather data and airport information. Key is ‘interoperability’, enabling the system’s users to dynamically access worldwide AIM data. Skyview 2 complies with the OGC standards and will be used to visualize Digital NOTAM AIXM 5 files during Eurocontrol’s digital NOTAM trials.

Throughout the event, Luciad will also be showcasing the latest advances in Human-Machine Interface Technology on its booth at the exhibition area of the Conference, giving the delegates the opportunity to experience live and interactive demos.

“We are pleased to be participating in the third annual AIXM User Conference”, says Lode Missiaen, CEO of the company. “Our presence at this global gathering of AIXM decision makers, will allow us to grow and optimize our LuciadMap product to become the reference platform for AIXM 5 developments.”

More info and event details can be found on

About Luciad

Luciad provides software solutions for distribution and high performance visualization of geospatial information. Luciad’s software components are the building blocks for mission-critical ATC/ATM and Air Command and Control systems.

Luciad’s core product is LuciadMap, a software solution that system integrators and original equipment manufactures can easily integrate into their existing systems. LuciadMap can handle large numbers of static and moving data on top of geographical information, including maps, satellite imagery, and terrain elevation in many different formats and references to achieve a high situational awareness.

Luciad also offers an end-user product, based on LuciadMap’s technology: ATCPlayback, a viewing capability to play back, review, and analyze simulated or recorded air traffic data. It is a powerful, user-friendly suite that graphically replays and intuitively analyzes ATC simulation results by enabling users to interactively refine the analysis process and graphically visualize the results.

Dedicated to providing its clients with the best possible service, Luciad Professional Services will assess advanced system requirements and assist system integrators with the implementation of fully integrated solutions.

Luciad’s international customer base includes EADS, Thales, Thales Raytheon Systems, Lockheed Martin, NATO, Eurocontrol, Saab, Belgocontrol, NLR, STNA, DFS, LVNL, NATS, FAA, AENA, Skyguide, NavCanada and ENAV.

Visit for more information


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