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Edit from a DEM

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Edit from a DEM

Post  Jide Cha on Mon Mar 17, 2008 2:04 am

Dear all,

Two easy (?) questions:

1)I have a DEM, and would like to edit polylines from a visual analysis of the DEM. Then , I need to do some statistical analysis of the line orientations.
How to do to create a table with (x1;y1) and (x2;y2) for each line (beginning and end coordinates, respectively) ?

2) From the same DEM, I would like to clic on specific points and create a table with (x, y, z) for each point.

Thanks a lot !


Jide Cha

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Re: Edit from a DEM

Post  Stephen on Mon Mar 17, 2008 2:05 am


1) You can do this using an Advanced expression in the Field Calculator.

Dim Output as double
Dim pCurve as ICurve
Set pCurve = [shape]
Output = pCurve.FromPoint.X

Change .FromPoint to .ToPoint and .X to .Y to obtain all 4 coordinates.

2) If you have a 3D Analyst license you can digitise the points into a separate layer, then use the > Convert > Features to 3D option to assign the Z coordinate from the DEM onto the points.

This will create a PointZ featureclass, where the Z value is held in the point's Shape field. To write this value out to a field, use this expression in the field calculator:

Dim Output As Double
Dim pPoint As IPoint
Set pPoint = [Shape]
Output = pPoint.z

If you don't have a 3D Analyst license it may still be possible to do this, but it may require some coding on your part.

Good luck,


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